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One of the BEST ways to bring in some side income is to become an affiliate for brands you already shop from and love. Why not lift the products you care so deeply about and share with others! Do you tend to classify how you view the people you follow on IG? It is confusing […]

Become an Affiliate for Your Favorite Brands

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So you may be wondering what a branding photoshoot is and why they are important to business owners. As a business owner, you are the face of your own brand. Meaning that people want to connect with people, not just the company itself. Instead of selling a product or a service, you’re actually selling yourself […]

Prepping For A Personal Brand Photoshoot

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As a website designer, I have built on many of the popular platforms including; WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and beyond. I thought Wix was my choice platform, but there were definitely design limitations. Once I tried, Showit, I was amazed by the creative freedom! Here’s a list of why I switched my website to the Showit […]

Why is Showit the Best Platform?

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What Is Personal Branding? Stop hiding! Personal branding is the intentional effort to promote yourself in a way that establishes credibility and builds authority. Over time, personal branding can be used to position yourself as a leader in your niche. People will come to know you for what it is that you’re really about, and […]

8 Tips to Building Your Personal Brand

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TikTok has been the app my teens have been using since 5th grade. They have been literally obsessed with it! I could never really figure it out, but if I compare it to The Voice app I can see the addiction. They like to dance and I love to sing.  The TikTok app is one […]

TikTok Strategies For Growing Brands & Career Opportunities

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Entrepreneurship often arrives from the unknown and sometimes that comes with fear. We often ask, what if my business fails? Well, entrepreneurs make mistakes and this how we learn. Try to not get discouraged because the most fun piece about the startup world is exploring ideas and pivoting to make it all work over and […]

Fears of the Entrepreneurial World

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Every company should adapt to business trends coming in 2022. It is necessary to take steps now so your business survives the changes and challenges ahead.  Let’s take a quick look at some upcoming trends that your company needs to be aware of.  These will keep you in the game so you don’t get left […]

Business Trends in 2022

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As entrepreneurs, we are used to working daunting hour, answering emails, promoting our business, implementing social strategies, creating products and this list goes on and on…. And because of our commitment and passion for what we do, we convince ourselves that we should always be working and to not take a vacation, a weekend off, […]

How to Create Time To Take Off Work

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As we head into 2021, we’ve been forced to pivot, change as we all are navigating through unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances. Trying New Things & Shifting In New Directions Persevering through tough times in 2020 also brought some positivity in the ways businesses have had to shift to working remotely.Going into 2021, it seems slightly […]

The Best Way to Set Biz Goals

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It’s not an easy task to manage all the social media platforms that exist in today’s world. Instagram & Facebook seem to be the most common, but Linkedin has lots offer. Think of Linkedin as Your New Business Bestie LinkedIn is the best place to get connected to real people and it’s a much more […]

Why Your Linkedin Profile Matters

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