The Best Way to Set Biz Goals

As we head into 2021, we’ve been forced to pivot, change as we all are navigating through unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances.

Trying New Things & Shifting In New Directions

Persevering through tough times in 2020 also brought some positivity in the ways businesses have had to shift to working remotely.
Going into 2021, it seems slightly debilitating to try to set goals or map out the year as a whole. It seems smarter to go into 2021 with a new approach. Whether you’re in career working for a company or run your own business, one thing’s for certain after last year. We clearly have no WHAT could be in throughout this year.


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Set goals that are specific, ambitious & measurable leaving room to make adjustments if necessary. To me, it’s more important to make sure you are setting your intentions than focusing on hard and fast goals. The word “intentions” itself creates much more freedom: you can plan on achieving something, but there’s space to pivot if unexpected circumstances arise.
Quick tip Write down your intentions and look at them once a day. You’re not locked in forever and you can still make tweaks later on if necessary. Studies show that we’re more likely to achieve our intentions when they’re written down and we pay attention to them often.


Take take things one quarter at a time. Instead of even trying to guess the state of the world, increments will offer a clearer perspective. Working things into quarters is the way to go when it comes to scheduling. This creates a stronger idea of where the current economy is at, environment, and emotions instead of having to guess several months into the future.We’ll likely be creating some materials a bit more on the fly because of this approach. But for the most part, it’s more logical to only plan things out short-term to best serve our people with what makes sense in each individual season.


Having a mindset that allows you be free, stay healthy and remain successful is crucial during these uncertain times. Even if you’re a young business and have one product that drives you and one that absolutely drains you, I urge you to focus on the driver. You’ll be more inspired to perfect and promote it, and it’ll likely lead to more profits in the long run.


I’m kinda this type of person overall, so this tends to work best for me. This goes hand-in-hand with planning the year in increments. I am intentionally working white space into my schedule to allow for more freedom and wiggle room. No need to block out your entire calendar. Be flexible! It’s not that I want the freedom to pivot if the world gets insane again, either. Freedom to sign off of work earlier on certain days allows you to keep open-minded and replenish your mental health cup. I’m building breaks and opportunities to unplug, breathe, and just “be” into my schedule. After life came to a screeching halt in 2020 with the arrival of a pandemic and quarantine life, I realized the major of importance of taking time to conquer hobbies and things I love that I never have time to do anymore. By blocking it into my daily routine, I’m making it a priority to honor slowness and allow myself to recharge. This allows me to show up in my work-world being the best version of me.


After last year, I’ve realized this is the time to sink our teeth into what’s worked super well before and will continue working well into the future. I’m diggin into what’s really performed best and given proven results in the past. I’m tweaking, adding to, and perfecting those offers better than ever. This preserves the energy needed to feel ready for any potential curveballs, but it also allows us to get more CREATIVE with the things that already exist and how to make those EVEN better for our audience.


With a new year comes new opportunities, new chances to launch our dreams, and a new calendar to mark our journey. 2021 is a year where we can let go of the expectations and instead lean into the uncertainty and let that lead us each step of the way. It’s important to allow ourselves to openly practice flexibility & patience that we are so typically challenged with. I’ve had to learn to approach this year not with jaded, frustrations, but with eagerness to let everything unfold. You in? Let’s chat about you wildest visions for 2021!

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