TikTok Strategies For Growing Brands & Career Opportunities

TikTok has been the app my teens have been using since 5th grade. They have been literally obsessed with it! I could never really figure it out, but if I compare it to The Voice app I can see the addiction. They like to dance and I love to sing. 

The TikTok app is one I never gravitated towards although my teens have made me join in on some TikTok dances. I recently read an article about how many creators are using the app to connect, entertain, teach, learn, and more. I guess there is something to say about the app because with some famous TikToker’s there seems to be strategy behind the entertainment they share. Look at Addison Rae for example. She was a dancer just like my girls and performed at some of the same competitions as my girls. She took dancing to a new level via TikTok and now just landed her first acting role in the movie He’s All That. By gaining a huge following she was able to heighten her career.


TikTok now is a huge hit with many from teens, celebrities, athletes, musicians and beyond. Certain industries have been quick to hop on board for branding where they are tapping into trends and hashtag challenges. The platform has a very large user base with focus on entertainment and positive content and the app is now offering compelling ways for brands to engage with their consumers. The app has high engagement rates that have lured in major advertisers inspiring companies to explore new ways to campaign and get content out there with impressive results.


TikTok is unique because it runs on a content graph, rather than a social graph. So what does this mean? It means that TikTok serves content based on users’ interests and videos they watch. Brands now can tap into a massive audience without having a huge following. The key is to create content that is aligned with your target audiences interests and this will allow you to scale naturally. Another great way to amplify your brand visibility is to pay close attention to TikTok trends.


Have you heard about the new pilot program from TikTok? Blending a little LinkedIn into the youthful video-based social network. They are inviting some companies such as Target, Chipotle and Shopify to participate. TikTok encourages applicants to show off their skills in a creative way. They also want companies to use the hashtag #TikTokResumes. 


The efforts would streamline the relationship between brands and creators. The new pilot program will be available through the dedicated hashtag and have its own site-name. This will offer some tips for applying and sample videos. Anyone can browse job listings by employer and fill out a short questionnaire, attaching their video link. They are still encouraging that you point you potential employers to your Linkedin profile.

Now is not the time to be camera shy!

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