Why is Showit the Best Platform?

As a website designer, I have built on many of the popular platforms including; WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and beyond. I thought Wix was my choice platform, but there were definitely design limitations. Once I tried, Showit, I was amazed by the creative freedom! Here’s a list of why I switched my website to the Showit platform.

Endless Creativity

Designing in Showit offers limitless creative opportunities. It may seem overwhelming to non-designers, but it’s actually very easy to navigate around. From layering items, transparencies, available icons within Showit and the ability to import your own custom fonts, I was sold!. It’s a designers dream come true!

No Grid

When I first built my website on Wix, I felt limited and became frustrated with the limitations. I thought it was pretty easy to customize, but I struggled with being boxed in to a grid. There are some great things about Wix, but even a smaller brand could grow out of the platform long term due to limitations in design.

Customer Support Chat

Showit has a pop-up chat feature to ask the amazing support team if you are ever feeling stuck. In all honesty, it is not an instant response but they do respond in quick turnaround. They also send you links to videos that may answer your questions right on the spot. It’s reassuring that they are there to help.

Need A Refresh?

You can easily change colors, fonts and more to freshen your site right up! Even if you have hired a designer to design your website for you, it’s a simple platform to build on to. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay a designer a monthly maintenance fee! With their drag and drop system, you can add or change whatever you may need to.

Beautiful Visual Templates

There are a multitude of Showit template designers! There are stunning options for a very affordable price. This gives you the ability to save money instead of building a custom site. No worries, if you are too overwhelmed with everything else it entails to start your online business, our studio can easily put together your Showit website for a fraction of what it costs to build a custom site. We will sit down during our branding sessions and make sure we have the template perfect for you and your brand.

Built in SEO

If you are wondering what SEO is, no need to worry. You can watch the Showit SEO videos to learn more, or if we build your site we will make sure to add basic SEO. Within the design panel on the right hand side, this is where you can place your share image, page title, keywords and metadata all to help Google find your website.

Customizing Mobile

You can choose to add or takeaway elements from mobile. Sometimes desktop design elements are not perfect for mobile. It’s very nice to be able to hide canvas from mobile if needed.

A WordPress Blog

When I had my website on Wix, I wasn’t thrilled with the blog option. Most designers and bloggers know that you want your blog on the WordPress platform. Well guess what? Showit has partnered up with WordPress. This is super beneficial if you have a previous WP blog and want to migrate over your content to your Showit WP blog. Even better, the Showit support team will help migrate this for you. Just make sure you signed up for the right plan. Lastly, the Showit templates that come with a beautiful blog will just stream your content right into the blog design on the Showit platform once the blog is migrated over!

As a designer, I love how creative you can get visually on the Showit platform. The possibilities are truly endless in the Showit world! If you would like to learn more about why you should build on Showit, reach out to set up a free 15 minute consult. Whether you want to build your own Showit website or would like to work with our design team, we are here for you!

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