Prepping For A Personal Brand Photoshoot

So you may be wondering what a branding photoshoot is and why they are important to business owners. As a business owner, you are the face of your own brand. Meaning that people want to connect with people, not just the company itself. Instead of selling a product or a service, you’re actually selling yourself and the experience people have when working with you. Your branding photos should be a representation of that experience.

If you want to attract your ideal clients, you need better headshots then on your iphone. Your website is definitely not the the only place to use these personal brand photos. You can use them on social media, business cards, or at events. These photos should elevate your brand and speak to your true authentic self.

Ready to book your personal brand shoot? Hold on, there is a bit more to know.

It is imperative to know the vision of what your brand is about. Working through brand strategy sessions prior to your shoot is super important. Our branding sessions include:


An extensive strategy & research session to understand your brand values, ideal client and desired results.


Complete logo suite with primary, secondary, custom curated font selections + color palette, personalized brand strategy + style guide.


A personal launch roadmap to walk you through a successful launch with assets you need to ensure a cohesive brand identity across your online + offline marketing platforms.

We encourage you to use Pinterest to gather your inspiration. We want to capture your vibe and create with authenticity. When pinning on Pinterest, look for colors and textures- not just photography poses. We want to capture the overall vision & visuals you have for your business.


Incorporate your branding colors into the shoot. We believe that less is more, but we also want you to consider silhouette. Don’t worry if you can’t think of what to wear. In our initial consult, we will go over the styling and props. It is most important to choose outfits and accessories that make you feel confident and are on-brand. Confidence is key in headshots. We recommend that you invest in a blowout or a professional makeup

For props, find things that you do actually use in your daily work environment too! If you’re a photographer, It would probably be a good idea to bring your camera or any essential accessories. Neutral props usually work best.

We want you to have fun, shine bright and show the real authentic YOU!

Ready to get on the books and elevate your brand?

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