Why Your Linkedin Profile Matters

It’s not an easy task to manage all the social media platforms that exist in today’s world. Instagram & Facebook seem to be the most common, but Linkedin has lots offer.

Think of Linkedin as Your New Business Bestie

LinkedIn is the best place to get connected to real people and it’s a much more active platform. When people go to LinkedIn, they are actively using the site. With Instagram you’re scrolling, tapping, maybe making a comment here and there. Linkedin users are actively scrolling content, reading the posts, and searching for opportunities.There is a real power of content on LinkedIn. When someone likes or comments on your LinkedIn posts, your piece of content is exposed to the people who are connected to that person. Your content has a greater potential to go viral faster than other social media.

Using Your About Section To Sell Yourself

It’s important to use the about section as a sales page if you are an entrepreneur who wants to connect with the B2B or professional client market. Adding media and building a separate business page will help stand your work experience more complete. Reusing content is a great way to gain more exposure to connect to the type of people you need to be in touch with. Linkedin is an easy way to directly reach out to people using a short concise message.

Build Out Your Personal Brand On Linkedin

Find people in your specific industry in the quickest way possible. A few must haves to make sure your profile will stand apart. Make sure you have a professional headshot so people can put a face to the name. Make sure your most current and recent experience is listed on your page. Get to know who you are connected to and rekindle your connections. Make sure you create a list of your dream contacts and begin networking away. By starting to produce content, you will gain recognition in your connections feeds, so pitch your ideas away!

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