Self Care for Creatives

“Creativity is an act of radical self love .”

Write It Out

Writing is a simple activity that helps you clear your mind and refocus your creativity. When you have stress, abundance of ideas, overwhelming or negative thoughts, take some time to get your thoughts out through journaling.

Breathe & Be Mindful

We should all know that if we calm our nervous systems & minds, we will improve our clarity of thought and creativity. Focusing on a regular practice to soothe and clear our systems makes the world of difference when we live, breathe and sleep creatively.

Work it Out

Exercise is one of the most powerful ways to regulate our mood and improve our over all physical health.  Even walking, yoga & swimming can give you a release of feel good hormones and help you to refocus your creative energies.

Art of Counseling

Reach out to experts that can support you with both the emotional and practical challenges. This is one of the best investments you can make for yourself to achieve success. Are you looking for ways to share your feelings, reboot your creativity, get out of a rut? Contact an art therapist or creative consultant that can help get your creativity & mind flowing.

Freedom of Creation

Exploring creatively is great for mental health. Studies show impact of creativity on releasing feel good hormones and problem solving. Make time to play creatively and explore new ways of doing things to set yourself free!

Fuel your Body

Fueling your body with healthy nutrition can benefit both your mental and physical health. Looking at mind, body & soul in a holistic way will help you to focus on what your body needs to thrive creatively.

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