Enliven your Inner Artist

“Creativity is a way of life: It is a freedom, a confidence, a tranquility, a surrender, a natural state of living that expands everything.”

Creative Energy

It is so important to let go of daily distractions and tap into your creative energy. We are typically to preoccupied in our busy lives to take the time to completely focus within. Yoga can be a perfect outlet to help cultivate your artistic expression with a warming flow. Focusing on a fluid practice creates new energy to help support you. This brings clarity & presence in mind, body & soul. Focusing on a deep space within enables the creative process. Playing within the structure to create and find freedom gives us a sense of our well-being that taps into a new creative place.

Trusting your Inner Self

Trusting the process of yoga is key in order to cultivate in your life. Establishing trust in yoga practice allows to experience time invested into a practice. So what does TRUSTING in yoga mean exactly? Trusting in yoga practice means being open, getting out of your head space and moving your focus into your body. Most of all, it means spending time with yourself and gaining personal awareness. Breathing, listening and trusting allow us to morph into a new creative space that may not have been tapped into.

Yoga with Adrienne

I discovered Yoga with Adrienne years ago. Her videos are a great way to explore home practice and help reactivate a creative way of exploring our bodies. Exercising is one of the most powerful ways to regulate our mood and improve our physical health. Walking, dancing, running, yoga, Nia, & swimming release feel good hormones that allow you to refocus your creative energies.

Rewire your Brain for Innovative Thinking

There is a reason that corporations today have begun offering yoga practice into the daily work schedule. A regular yoga practice supports and broadens creative expression. Yoga practice and refining inner emotions & bringing balance to the body, mind and soul help lead to a vibrancy of artistic expression within a person. The same applies to writing, art, music and any creative discipline. The more you practice, the more focused you get. There are numerous benefits of yoga on creativity and self-expression. It helps expand consciousness, insights and new perspectives gained through creative exploration.

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