Companies Nourish Employees through Mind, Body & Soul

“A balanced intellect presupposes a harmonious growth of body, mind and soul.” Mahatma Gandhi

If you are fortunate to work for a company that supports health & wellness, you’ve hit the jackpot!

The smart employers have learned that to find top candidates, they’ve got to create a workplace that offers growth and opportunity professionally, but also one that nourishes employees as a human in mind, body and soul.
It is imperative to create an environment that is diverse and encourages employees to bring their healthiest selves to work. A healthy and happy employee will be much more engaged and productive. It is most important to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves and pursue quality lives.

Ways employers are helping nourish mind, body & soul

1. Everyday meditation and yoga classes onsite at headquarters and where remote offices can stream live

2. Some companies offer free or discounted memberships to health oriented apps like Headspace to teach employees how mindfulness exercises can increase focus and promote creativity. The hippest tech startups even have designated quiet rooms or nap pods to rest and rejuvenate throughout the day.

3. Top companies are offering creative ways to let their employees engage in different spaces such as creative marketing projects, building cool stuff and even leadership workshops.

Sitting behind the computer for several hours can be daunting and harsh on our bodies. This can also be an unnecessary expense for a company when their employees have to get medical attention and take time away from work. Some companies have onsite workout classes or offer gym memberships, have trails and walking paths around their headquarters. Many companies offer restorative health options such as massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic that can be included in medical benefits or employer-subsidized program. Who wouldn’t like a wellness team to come into the office and offer massages? Making sure employees are supported with ergonomic high-quality chairs, monitor risers, standing desks, etc is so important to keep employees happy & healthy.
This is a perfect time for companies to step up their creativity game and provide an opportunity to create supportive environments as younger generations enter the workforce. The best way companies can nourish the health and happiness of their employees is to treat them as real people and as individuals. Today’s management teams should be encouraged to get to know their colleagues so they stay connected and know what may be happening in their personal lives.

Hiring the right employees who are motivated and taking the time to get to know them personally is so important. It is imperative to create an environment that fully supports and nourishes employees through mind, body and soul. Companies will not only have a more creative valuable employee, but rather a healthier, happier human. At the end of the day we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

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